Wet wiping carrier fabric

TESTEX wet wiping carrier fabrics
Functional carrier fabric for wet cleaning and mop wiping systems

Carrier fabrics for mops and other textile based wet wiping systems are technically demanding and therefore a speciality of IBENA TESTEX.

IBENAs fabric for textile cleaning systems are very much focused on the very special hot and humid environments in wich these fabrics are employed, as they were specificalliy developed for this purpose:

  • High temperature resistance
  • High resistance to hydrolysis
  • Long liftime of the fabric in hot and humid environments and in drying cycles
  • Well suited for the industrial desinfection washing process in connection with cleaning chemicals and desinfection additives
  • High water and dirt retention potential
  • Optimization of insertion pockets due to reerrection and recovery of fabric even after several wringing and mangeling processes
  • Dimensionally very stable
  • high tearing strength

As fabric manufacturer IBENA supplies mainly to industrial processing trade and OEMs.

For further questions we will be happy to assist. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Reerrecting pocket fabric to facilitate insertion of handels


Extremely hydrolysis resistant cover fabric with high water retention potential and dirt absorbance



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