Flatwork ironers covers and paddings

Flatwork Ironer Paddings & Cover Fabric
Heat and hydrolysis resistant roller paddings and cover fabrics for high performance ironers

Reliable performance and a long product life as well as the quality of the laundry depend on temperature, residual humidity, pressure and ironing speed. IBENA TESTEX cover fabrics provide faultless finish and optimal work results:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Extremely resistand to hydrolysis
  • Optimized traction by special textile structures
  • Optimal contact pressure due to high dimensional stability and fabric volume
  • Optimized through drying effects due to high air permeability
  • Long service life due to high fabric durability, breaking and tearing strengh and resilience retention

Thanks to their excellent qualities, IBENA TESTEX have established themselves as common standard qualities on the market. Furthermore the product line which is aligned with the different temperature ranges of the machines makes an extremely economic use of the paddings possible

Paddings/Cover fabric by temperature range

Flatwork ironer coverings, paddigs, pads, Roller padding

As fabric producer IBENA supplies machine manufacturers, specialty wholesale trade and service providers only.

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Flatwork ironer paddings and covers by temperature range
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