Textiles for finishing and clothing machinery
Cover fabric and paddings for ironing tables, fusing presses, formers and toppers

Finish machinery for laundries, dry cleaners and the clothing industry owe their succes to recognizable quality in the finishing results.

IBENA TESTEX cover fabrics and flannel coverings adapted to the demanding requirements of the individual finishing machinery achieve ideal finishing results thanks to several advantages:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Resistance to hydrolysis
  • Definded air permeability
  • High fusing and abbrasion resistance
  • Defined fabric surface: Smooth and fine weave to avoid imprints
  • Free from shrinking and stretching to avoid wrinkles and creases
  • Long lasting and economically

All fabrics are specifically optimized for the individually required temperature ranges. This improves fusing efficiancy and provides ideal finishing results.

Fabric by temperature range

cover fabrics vor fusing presses, Steaming tables,  Steamironing tables,

As fabric producer IBENA supplies machine manufacturers, specialty wholesale trade, processing industry and service providers only.

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